1. Is the registration necessary?

Yes, the registration is necessary to get the full access to a dashboard. So your first step should be registering on the site. It is a simple and fast process - paste your details and follow the rest of instructions. After registration wait for the confirmation e-mail. If you do not see it - wait a while (it may take even about 10-15 minutes when the traffic on the site is bigger) or check the SPAM folder. If you have any problems, contact us.


2. Can I create the account if I am under 18 (or 21 in some countries)?

If you are not 18 (or 21 in some countries), unfortunately, you cannot set up the account. You have to be an adult person to start your investments.


3. How can I deposit and withdraw?

Enter your dashboard and familiarize with it. It is simple to use. The transaction may be made with the full address and follow the instructions. Choose a more comfortable option. The full deposit will be available after fee deductions in your dashboard after the full network confirmation.


4. Your Privacy

You are always safe. We do not share any details with third parties. We do not delete any accounts. But do not set up more than one account. It is forbidden on the site.


5. Investment Advice

We do not provide any investment advice. Our trades are applied by our team. We do not share any investment strategies with third parties. Our strategies are the secret of the Company. We share with our users only trading history on a daily basis.


6. Trading Risk



7. What if I have more questions?

If you have more questions, you can contact us. We encourage you to send an e-mail to our consultants.


8. Is managed or interest account safe enough?

Yes, it is. Your wallet security is our priority. We care about the site's protection on various levels. Your money will be never available to any third parties. But you can also have an influence on your account’s security - remember to choose a right and strong password. Do not share account details with anybody. And remember that we update security modes as often as it is possible.


9. Why my funds have been not added?

If you cannot see your funds, do not refresh the site. First, you have to check: 

- Did you send funds using the right address - each number/letter matters. 
- Check your wallet and its confirmations - sometimes it takes longer to confirm the transaction.

It depends, for example, on your transaction fee - the bigger the fee is the quicker you can send the money. You can see everything in your wallet - familiarize with it before making any transactions. If you have any questions, read regulations of your cryptocurrency wallet. Remember that each wallet has a little different background.


10. When my funds will be added to the account?

After all network confirmations, you will see your funds on the account. Check the previous question to get some knowledge about wallets policy. 


11. I cannot log in

First, check if you do not use Caps Lock. If you forget your password, you can recover it. Click the option of recovering and wait for the e-mail with the link. You can also change your password anytime.


12. Is security important for the company?

Security is our priority. You can be sure that all your investments and wallets are safe. Our security updates are made every week to make your account as safe as it is possible. We use our own solutions and many options of our external security companies. But you can also have the influence on your account - remember about strong password and do not share it with anybody.


13. How should I secure my account?

Choose the strong password for your account - with special characters, capital letters, and numbers. It should be minimum of 8 characters.


14. How can I close my account?

In order to close the account please send us a message from the email address on which your account is registered, that wish to close the account. Please, sign the e-mail with your username.