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Our team members have worked in World-famous companies in the finance and investment sector. Since 2015, they have been investing in the cryptocurrency markets. The cryptocurrency market, which is an important investment tool recently, is becoming more and more popular. In recent years, we have decided to take part in this market and offer our experience to our investors. We do not promise very high earnings to our investors in a very short time. With our medium and long term plans, we aim to provide regular income to our customers. Please check out our rates and profit ratios.Customers can request their principal and profit at any time. We do not obstruct your requests for your invesment accounts through methods such as "maturation period". You can withdraw your investment at any time. We aim to provide stable income with certain targets by buying and selling cryptocurrencies in the most appropriate time in the markets that we follow on a daily basis. For asset management accounts we share our profit with a certain commission rate with our investors. For interest accounts, we provide high interest rates to our investors. We evaluate these investments in order to make profit in cryptocurrency markets. Interests are paid by profit obtained from the market buy-sell, and rest become the net profit of our company.

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Bitcofly Support Team experts are always here to answer your questions. You can ask them at any time of the day and recieve a prompt responce.


Registered Company

We are a registered global investment company based in the United Kingdom. Registration number of our company - 10845486



Our website resides on a dedicated server with DDoS protection and SSL certificates. We provide the highest security features. You can access your personal dashboard anytime, anywhere – 24/7.



Information about your activities, contacts or identity on the website is private and can not be accessed by third parties.


Fast & Full Withdrawal

You can withdraw your principal and profit at any time without being blocked or deducted.


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It is possible to choose between two different investment methods according to risk preference.

for management accounts.

How to Invest


1. Registration

Free registration. Fill the form and confirm your e-mail.


2. Investing

Decide which plan to choose and invest.


3. Trading

See your investment daily on market or earn interest in selected time period.


4. Profit

Withdraw your principal, profit or interest at any time or reinvest.

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  • TERM             RATES
  • DAILY                 0,04 %
  • WEEKLY                0,31 %
  • MONTHLY               1,64 %
  • 6-MONTHLY             11,16 %
  • YEARLY             24,33 %

*No comission is applied.

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  • MONTH             YIELD
  • JUL-19               +3.38%
  • JUN-19               +0.93%
  • MAY-19               +2.87%
  • APR-19               +6.81%
  • MAR-19               +3.31%

* 50% comission is applied on profit.

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"Investment is an area that requires expertise and experince. Especially, patience and knowledge have an important place in crypocurrency markets. I believe in the power of accumulation and I use it in market to find the right action. What distinguishes us from others is that we steer our investments by providing minimum risk and optimum gain ratio."

Ceo & Founder Bitcofly

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